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about me

What i do?

• I help you find the best fit employees for your Startup with the most appropriate technological experience. 

Career advising - I will consult you how to find the best position to match your expertise, where to look for this position, and I will also assist in passing your interviews up until signing the contract. 

why it works?

• I believe that collaboration and working together as partners with you, makes the best solution• I have many contacts that help me find the perfect candidate for you.

• I believe that you have all the answers inside of you and I will help you reveal them and find your dream job. 

How i do it?

• I understand technology very deeply and can understand exactly what kind of candidate or position you are looking for and this is done with a very low amount of CV’s.
• I will think together with you what is the best position that fits your needs and how to get it.
• I will show you how to leverage LinkedIn and your connections in order to find this position.
• I will conduct job interview simulations with you.
• I will help you until you reach the final stages and even afterwards.

Services i provide:

• "Done for You" Hunting, finding the best candidates for you, helping with the process until they begin working and accompanying you even after.

• "Done with You" Career Advising One on one. 

what other’s say?

 • " Noaa has helped me upgrade and improve my CV, she prepared me for interviews with positive thinking and self-belief. As a result, I started receiving more phone calls from hiring managers inviting me for interviews and I started feeling more confident during the interviews which really helped me get through obstacles along the way. Noaa is highly professional, target oriented, and is focused on achieving the best and most effective results for her clients. Thank you Noaa, it was a real pleasure, and I'm sure we will meet again along the way."
 • " Noaa is a hard working recruiter. She is very dedicated and detail oriented. "

fun fact

I have been studying spiritual theories for 5 years now, it changes the way I think and act in the world.

noaa meller 

high tech recruiter 


Shaping Your Startup DNA

We help you get not only top-notch employees,

but ones that fit your DNA.

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